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140722 KBS Jo Jungchi and Jang Dongmin 2o’ clock Radio
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  • me: i need to sleep
  • me: *masturbates*
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140801 Super Idol Chart Show - Sungjong call to Sunggyu
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140515 Pepsi CF filming
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I’d rather be in the mountains thinking of God than in church thinking about the mountains. —

Star Sign Quotes
Ninth House

John Muir

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140515 Pepsi CF Filming
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Sungyeol telling Myungsoo to stop 

Myungsoo thinks Infinite’s charm is that once you’ve fallen for them, you can’t escape.


"Since there’s 7 members, you can fall for a different member’s charms every day of the week. Monday would be Sunggyu, Tuesday would be Sungyeol, Wednesday would be me etc"

sunggyu and dongwoo making sure of woohyun’s mistake on stage

betrayer sunggyu going to be a little shit

"After seeing me on TV, everyone thinks of me as someone who is playful, very cheerful, always the one to take the initiative to get close to people, and also someone who has a lot of aegyo.”

My ‘Be Back’ album came in so quickly I was like mindblown.